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Urban Welcomes ACE Mentor Program “Kevin Brown Scholarship" Recipients
Publication Date
August 9th 2015

Urban staff members recently welcomed two students from the ACE mentor program, Anjelyque Easley and Yeriyah Richardson, along with their parents to the firm’s Philadelphia office. Anjelyque and Yeriyah recently graduated from Charter High School of Architecture and Design and George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science, respectfully. Anjelyque will be majoring in landscape architecture in college while Yeriyah will be studying civil engineering. They were selected because they both were awarded an ACE Mentor Kevin Brown Scholarship, valued at $5000 each. One scholarship was funded by Urban Engineers, while the other was funded by the ACE Mentor Program. 


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The purpose for this occasion was to not only reward them for their great work in the ACE Program,  but to give them a glimpse into the world of engineering and to also allow them and their parents to ask questions about the industry. University of Pittsburgh student, Autumn Gargiule, who is interning with Urban’s Construction Services team, was present to give the students tips about college and interning since they both are headed off to Penn State University.


Also, as part of this experience, the guests watched a presentation on special inspection projects given by John DiValentino, PE, LEED AP, who is Urban’s special inspections practice leader. For additional emphasis, John was able to take them next door to the 500 Walnut Street project, where Urban is performing special inspection services, so that they could see the site firsthand.


In the end, Urban Engineers, as well as the families and the students were grateful for the experience and appreciative of the new connections they were able to make. One parent summed it up by saying, “This was a very blessed day.”