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About Us

NJ Transit Team

About Us


About Us

"Forward vision must look in all directions if that vision is to be meaningful." – Edward J. D’Alba, PE One of the founders of Urban Engineers, Inc. 

Who We Are

We are a Team that champions transformation. Our focus is creating an environment that improves safety and the quality of life for the clients and communities we serve. This mission and dedication has shone through over 50 years of turning challenges into reality. This vision of our founders, shared and enhanced by a new generation of ownership, continues to carry us to great accomplishments while allowing us to achieve and often exceed, the goals of our assignments and expectations of our clients.

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What We Do

We are a Team with the goal to enhance how people live, work and play. Through planning, design and construction, our experts put our passion to work to improve your everyday landscape, wherever that may be. Through collaboration and communication with you and our internal team, we take the time to truly understand every project before delivering it to ensure we reach the desired goals.

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How We Work

We are a diverse collaborative. We believe a workforce through inclusion, acceptance, understanding, and respect of diverse cultures and backgrounds leads to the production of fresh ideas, personal and professional growth for our staff, and ultimately, inspires passion for better projects and service to our clients.

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Registered with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) since May 2000, We strive to continually improve our quality system. Through ISO, our various work processes are documented and controlled. In this way, we can understand exactly how we do our work, resulting in a standardization of excellence, as well as measurable maintenance and improvement in our client communications and overall project management. This quality system has enabled Urban to maintain competitiveness in the current work environment and pave the way for the firm’s future successes.

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