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About Us

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About Us


About Us

"Forward vision must look in all directions if that vision is to be meaningful." – Edward J. D’Alba, PE, Urban Engineers Founder

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary planning, design, environmental, and construction support services consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded as a seven-person firm in 1960, Urban has grown to a staff of more than 450 employees located throughout 15 regional offices across the United States. With this growth and the ever-changing market, our mission has remained the same: to be our clients’ first choice by providing consistent, quality services.

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What We Do

Through planning, design, and construction support, our experts put their passion to work to improve your everyday built environment, wherever that may be. We provide services for facilities, ports & waterways, public transportation, railroads, airports, energy & utilities, bridges, and roadways. Our goal at Urban is to enhance how people live, work, and play.

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How We Work

We are a diverse Team that believes inclusion, acceptance, understanding, and respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds leads to fresh ideas as well as personal and professional growth. Our Team works together with our clients through collaboration and communication in order to fully understand projects so that we can successfully deliver on clients’ goals.

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Registered with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) since May of 2000, we strive to continually improve our quality system. Through ISO, our various work processes are documented and controlled. This way, we can understand exactly how we do our work, resulting in a standard for excellence, as well as measurable maintenance and improvement in our client communications and overall project management. This quality system has enabled Urban to maintain competitiveness in the current work environment and pave the way for the firm’s future success.

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