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Ports & Waterways

Our region’s vital waterfront economic contributors need a forward-thinking approach. Urban provides long-term engineering solutions that will continue to meet the infrastructure demands of the future. 

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction Management
  • Inspection

Our planning experts see the whole picture. We focus on the initial project viability as well as strategies to maintain long-term vitality of waterfront resources. Urban’s successful approach combines responsiveness, communication, and proactively addressing client needs.


Our staff was developed through the specific goal of hiring personnel from diverse professional backgrounds. We offer extensive intermodal, industrial, and commercial project experience to benefit projects, regardless of size or complexity. 

We deliver economical, innovative design solutions for port operating facilities, private enterprises, and federal entities. We tailor our approach to serve the unique needs of every client and structure our design around the end-result desired. We aim to achieve clients’ immediate goals while promoting safety, extending service life, and minimizing costs.

We deliver construction projects on time and on budget. From pile restoration to the construction of individual mooring structures and entire piers and bulkheads, we have a proven record of excellence in waterfront infrastructure construction projects.


Our proactive approach identifies project challenges before they materialize. We manage projects in real time and focus on communication.  This ensures we can leverage our diverse backgrounds to address field conditions quickly and work through construction complications.

We are dedicated to providing quality marine facility inspections and go the extra mile by keeping our staff certified through the Association of Diving Contractors (ADC). From professional topside and underwater inspection to written reports recommending maintenance and facility improvements, the conditions we document and evaluations and recommendations that we provide become a lasting resource for marine owners.

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