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Sharing Some 'Love' With our Markets and Clients
Publication Date
February 14th 2020, 9:00 am

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For the month of February, we are sharing some ‘love’ with the markets and clients we serve. As a multi-disciplined firm, we work with a wide range of public and private organizations in many different areas. Here are some markets receiving some attention from Urban: 



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.


At Urban, we love our bridge projects, whether we're designing, rehabbing, inspecting or evaluating them. Learn more about the service here.



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.

Highways & Streets

We 'wheely' like our highway and street projects. That's why we take pride in delivering responsive, innovative, and sustainable transportation solutions that respect communities, enhance mobility, and increase the safety of our people and roadways. Learn more about the service here



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.

Ports & Waterways

Ports and waterways not only move us, but they move our economy and communities. Learn more about the service here.



Is there anything more romantic than relieving traffic congestion? We didn't think so. Learn more about our traffic services here.


Rail & Transit

Nothing can derail our passion for railroad projects. Learn more about our railroad services here, and our transit services here.



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)

Our building system designs are electric! And so much more. Learn more about our services here.



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.

Construction Services

Construction projects steel our hearts. We cherish our time with some of the biggest construction projects in the nation! Learn about our construction support capabilities here.



Credit: Urban Engineers,Inc.


Our airport planning, design, and construction management services are pretty fly! Learn more about our aviation services.