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Woodbine Roundabout 1

Woodbine Roundabout

Urban developed a modern roundabout alternative for the intersection at Woodbine-Ocean View Road (CR 550) and Dennisville-Petersburg Road (CR 610)

Services Provided
Site and Land Development
Cape May County
Project Contact
Steven Locke, PE
Associate Vice President, Practice Leader for Highways

Cape May County’s intersection at Woodbine-Ocean View Road (CR 550) and Dennisville-Petersburg Road (CR 610) located in Borough of Woodbine, New Jersey, was known for its lengthy backups. A common route for heavy vehicles, the four-way, stop-controlled intersection was supplemented by an overhead control beacon, and all four approaches had channelized right turn lanes. Operational issues led to traffic approaching the intersection and significant time delays for drivers to pass. Motorists often did not stop at the stop controlled intersection, increasing the risk for severe crash types to occur.


To improve safety and congestion, Cape May County turned to Urban Engineers to develop a modern roundabout alternative for the intersection. The Urban team performed topographic surveys; secured regulatory permits and approvals for construction; designed roadway and drainage improvements; prepared and hosted a public information session; and prepared contract documents to successfully complete this project.


The roundabout constructed at this intersection used a single-lane design having an inscribed diameter of 150 feet, sized to accommodate all turning movements, including tractor trailers. The design incorporated the use of elongated splitter islands to help manage high vehicle speeds on all four approaches to the roundabout. The approach geometry was also designed using successive reversing curves, each reducing in size prior to the entrance line of the roundabout. These two techniques combined to gradually reduce the approach vehicle speeds prior to the point of entry and provided the deflections necessary to properly align the approach vehicle upon entry to the circulatory roadway.


Woodbine existing intersection

Existing intersection at Woodbine-Ocean View Road (CR 550) and Dennisville-Petersburg Road (CR 610)

woodine existing intersection 2

Truck making a lefthand turn in existing intersection

Due to the high volume of truck traffic and the intersection’s proximity to a recycling center and to sand, aggregate, and pavement supply plants, constructing the roundabout under detour was not an option. As a result, the roundabout was designed to use staged-construction and maintenance and protection of traffic techniques. Temporary pavement was constructed in the initial stage to accommodate the circular traffic pattern around a central work area. Then, a one-night detour was required to install a temporary pavement ramping between existing intersection approach grades and constructed central roundabout grades. Traffic was then shifted onto the constructed central portion of the roundabout while the outside radial component was constructed. Splitter islands were constructed in the final stage after traffic shifting patterns approaching the work zone were no longer needed.


Through the collective efforts of all those involved – and delays related to COVID-19 – the project was delivered on schedule, on budget and satisfied the goals and expectations of Cape May County and its residents.


woodbine roundabout 3

Completed roundabout

Woodbine Roundabout 2

The completed roundabout design incorporated the nearby bike trail crossing