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Trenton-Mercer Airport On-Call Lightened

After Construction
Trenton-Mercer Airport On-Call

Urban has supported Trenton-Mercer Airport with engineering services for the past five years, and looks forward to continuing the relationship with our recent re-selection.

Services Provided
Construction Services
Mercer County, NJ
Project Contact
Dale Russell, PE
Vice President, National Practice Leader for Aviation

Trenton-Mercer Airport On-Call

Spurred by the return of air carrier service in 2013, Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) is completing a number of airfield capital improvement projects. Located midway between Philadelphia and New York City, TTN is an economic engine in Mercer County, New Jersey, with multiple projects underway. Urban has supported the airport with engineering services since 2014, and was recently re-selected to provide on-call services through 2024. The following describes some of the most notable tasks Urban was assigned over the duration of the contract:


Master Plan Update

Urban managed a master plan update for TTN - their first in 20 years. The plan, which included the development of a new Airport Layout Plan (ALP), focused on the ongoing program of airfield pavement and lighting rehabilitation; incorporation of new FAA geometry standards for airfield pavements; and the location and layout of a future passenger terminal complex. With approval of the Master Plan and ALP, the airport has a solid vision of airport development opportunities for the next 20 years. Many external factors added to the challenges of this master plan update. Urban ensured that the team followed the update process precisely to secure FAA support of the project. This provided the airport with a solid legal foundation for proposed improvements. The plan includes an inventory, aviation forecast, environmental overview, financial feasibility analysis, cost estimates, staging plan, facility requirements, and ALP set of drawings.

trenton mercer taxiway d construction

trenton mercer taxiway d construction 2


Terminal Replacement Project

Urban is completing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for construction of a new passenger terminal at TTN and associated projects, including preliminary design of the airside aprons and facilities; landside roadways and intersections; other improvements on the airside and landside associated with the terminal; a parking  garage; and an aircraft rescue and fire-fighting facility.


Rehabilitation of Runway 6-24

Urban prepared plans for the $6 million rehabilitation of Runway 6-24. The project entailed the milling, deep lift patching, bituminous overlay, grooving, and striping of the 6,000’ x 150’ runway; replacement of runway edge lights; installation of new guidance signs; and modifications to the underground distribution network serving airfield lighting systems.

Urban reduced the project’s cost by $2.5 million through the elimination of unnecessary runway build-up, which had previously been proposed by other consultants. The firm also worked with RDM International, the pavement design experts, to develop a staging plan that would significantly reduce the duration of construction.

This project was completed under an accelerated design schedule that Urban devised to meet the deadline for an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant. The firm prepared the grant in less than three months, despite delays beyond the control of the airport or Urban which threatened to derail the project. Urban's 35% design report helped assure the Harrisburg Area District Office that they could begin planning for their 2016 discretionary funding based on our Engineer’s Estimate.


Taxiways D & G

Taxiway G was regraded to comply with cross-sectional standards and resurfaced, while Taxiway D was relocated to comply with current runway/taxiway offset requirements. This required a full design for construction as a new taxiway segment. Urban is designing a third project to link the ends of these two taxiways and provide a full-length taxiway parallel to Runway 16-34.


Trenton-Mercer Airport 4


Before Construction

Trenton-Mercer Airport 5

Taxiway F

For the reconstruction of Taxiway F, Urban provided design and construction management to relocate the 2,550-foot-long taxiway. The design required significant coordination with airport tenants and development of geometry to meet the new Advisory Circular requirements for taxiway geometry.


Terminal Enhancements - Baggage Claim No. 2

To address delays that result when two planes arrive simultaneously at TTN, Urban completed a feasibility study of methods to double the capacity of the airport’s baggage handling facility. The firm designed a new prefabricated facility located next to the current baggage claim building, featuring a moving baggage belt and restrooms. Urban also retrofitted a moving baggage belt into the existing facility, and provided canopies over the belts as well as a passenger queuing area to the building’s entrance.


Miscellaneous Engineering Services

Urban regularly provides guidance and direction to the airport on engineering and environmental planning issues that arise outside of regular airfield design projects. The firm helped develop seven CATEX, or Short-form EAs for on-airport projects. Urban developed and oversaw construction of the new AOA perimeter fence surrounding the airfield, as well as amendments and new applications to the airport’s Passenger Facility Charge program. The firm also assisted with FAA coordination on tenant-led projects, such as the proposed redevelopment of the Navy site on Taxiway D, the wetlands replication area, and the Scotch Road overflow parking lot near Runway 24. Throughout the entire contract, Urban helped the airport identify solutions for issues related to the addition of commercial service, including varying airline requests, managing operations within overcrowded/outdated facilities, and aviation constraints such as the “one engine inoperative” approach analysis that we undertook for the airport. 


Trenton Mercer Airport

Trenton-Mercer Airport 1

Trenton-Mercer Airport 3

Trenton-Mercer Airport 2

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