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Stoneleigh Estate front outside

Renovations to the Main House at Stoneleigh

Urban provided building system design upgrades to the Main House at Stoneleigh, which was renovated to serve as the headquarters for the Organ Historical Society.

Services Provided
Site and Land Development
John Milner Architects, Inc.
Project Contact
Jim Bilella, PE
Vice President, Market Leader for Buildings & Development

The Main House at Stoneleigh: a natural garden is a 19,000 SF Tudor Revival that was was the former residence of the late John and Chara Haas. It served as the Haas family residence for three generations. Natural Lands Trust (NLT), a non-profit land conservation organization, acquired the estate along with its 42-acre property, through a donation from the Haas family. The property contains formal gardens, as well as areas of lawn and natural meadows.

Stoneleigh Estate Main House Back

Urban provided engineering design and construction administration services for the renovation of the Main House. Working with John Milner Architects, the Main House was re-purposed to serve as the headquarters for the Organ Historical Society (OHS). The renovation provided office, historical archive, and public programming spaces, as well as a rare books library. Additional structures on the property, including a carriage house, shed/tractor barn, greenhouse, and garage, were also renovated to serve NLT.

Urban conducted an existing conditions survey of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) systems. A thoughtful and sensitive approach led to the installation of archival-level climate control. Urban designed non-invasive MEP/FP system distributions to conceal and minimize interior disturbances and upgrade the building to modern standards, while preserving its historic décor and aesthetic.


Stoneleigh Estate Inside Lighting2

In addition, the design team installed a 1931 pipe organ for the OHS, which was relocated to the Main House from West Orange, NJ. The organ’s 2,218 pipes were installed in the basement. This allows the pipes’ bellows to be heard through openings in the floor as the organ plays in a room off the structure's foyer.

The renovation allows Stoneleigh to be enjoyed by future generations.



  • Historical preservation/adaptive reuse
  • Archival climate control systems
  • MEP and fire protection

stoneleigh estate organ room

stoneleigh estate inside lighting3

Stoneleigh Estate Inside Lighting