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Spaces We Love

Spaces We Love Video Campaign for AIA Philadelphia 

Services Provided
Urban Video Productions
AIA Philadelphia


2016 AIA National Convention

In anticipation of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention coming to Philadelphia, AIA Philadelphia approached Urban Video Productions (UVP) to capture the beauty, synergy, and diversity of the city that creates a passion and love amongst its people.  Instead of reaching out solely to architects to tell the story of Philadelphia’s built environment, AIA Philadelphia selected some of the city’s most prominent thought leaders.  Inspired by the success of the Philly Love Notes blog by Emma Fried-Cassorla, we asked these individuals to choose the space they loved most in their city and recorded them engaging with and speaking about that particular environment.  Hence, the Spaces We Love videos were created.


Interviewing at 11 distinct locations, from iconic buildings to public places, to individual neighborhoods, the Spaces We Love campaign crafts the preeminent Philadelphia story.  The locations provide a framework for many gems throughout the city.  It is a personal journey, one that cannot be told from the heights of a drone or a crane, removed from the intricacies from which people connect to their surroundings.  It is purposefully grounded, shot at the human perspective, to gain the appropriate tone and insight into the spaces we adore.  

The Spaces We Love is a celebration of Philadelphia’s built environment.  With approximately a dozen videos unveiled up until the AIA convention, the viewer gets an appreciation for what makes Philadelphia a truly unique city.



Spaces We Love Campaign

In addition to the promotional video, UVP created the “Spaces We Love” campaign, where each week, AIA Philadelphia added a short video (approximately one minute) to their website leading up to the convention.  A total of twelve videos have been released and are featured on their website.   Check out the videos below:


Spaces We Love - Introduction

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Race Street Pier

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Common Threads Mural

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - The Dow Chemical Building

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Chinatown

Spaces We Love - Society Hill

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Wayne Junction Station

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Dilworth Park

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Divine Lorraine Hotel

AIA Philadelphia - Spaces We Love - Loews Philadelphia Hotel (formerly the PSFS Building)


UVP coordinated with AIA Philadelphia to shoot all the interviews as well as supplemental video (b-roll).  UVP storyboarded, shot, and edited all of the videos. Additional services provided included campaign creation, art direction, and motion graphics.