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South Texas Regional Airport
Taxiway Rehabilitation

Urban is tasked with providing taxiway pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction services for the regional airport in the City of Hondo.

Services Provided
Site and Land Development
Construction Services
Texas Department of Transportation | Aviation Division
Project Contact

At the South Texas Regional Airport in the City of Hondo, Texas, the concrete pavement on Taxiway A is severely distressed and shows signs of various cracking and spalling, resulting in unsafe conditions including Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Administered by the Texas Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division, they tasked Urban Engineers with the taxiway’s pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction.


The Urban team is performing survey, geotechnical investigation and reporting, and performing the design of a new pavement section for an area of the taxiway that was not included in a past project by others nearly 10 years ago. Stabilization of the existing subgrade, pavement designed based on analysis and input into FAARFIELD design software, promotion of positive grading, and renewed pavement markings (including a new runway hold line) are part of this contract. The design phases include a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to portray findings, alternatives, and recommendations; and final design and bidding support. Urban will be tasked with full-time construction inspection. The team will be performing materials testing during the construction phase of the project.


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