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Our Watershed

 "We are all connected to the water that surrounds us. Everything we do, from planting trees to cleaning our homes, affects our freshwater system."  

Services Provided
Urban Video Productions
Fairmount Water Works & Philadelphia Water Department

Habithèque Inc. partnered with Urban Video Productions to create this educational video documenting the 2016 Fairmount Water Works Schuylkill Acts and Impacts program. These high school students journey down the Schuylkill watershed, testing water quality, and unearthing the story of our water supply. This project is meant to educate citizens about Philadelphia’s urban watershed – its past, present and future. You can visit the video "Our Watershed" in the lobby at the Fairmount Water Works Museum.  


Our Watershed

Freshwater Mussels

Considered ecosystem engineers, natural water filters, and among the most imperiled creatures in North America are Freshwater Mussels.


Fairmount Water Works has installed a new Freshwater Mussel Hatchery at their museum.  In collaboration with Habithèque, Pigeonbread, and the William Penn Foundation, comes the second installment from Urban Video Productions , "Our Watershed: Freshwater Mussels". Find out more about the exciting new installation of the Fairmount Water Works Mussel Hatchery and the efforts of scientists to revive these populations.


Our Watershed - Freshwater Mussels

Explore more about The Mighty Mussel 

Mussel Hatchery Opening