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Baltimore Light Rail

Transporting Baltimore alongside the MTA

Urban is providing the MTA with a wide range of design services for facilities that enable people to travel throughout the region.

Services Provided
Construction Services
Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
Project Contact
Vincent Pielli, PE
Vice President, Office Manager - Baltimore, MD

MTA On-Call Civil Engineering Services, Maryland

With nearly half the population of Baltimore residents lacking access to a car, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is an important part of the regional transit picture. Via several options of bus, metro subway, light rail, MARC, commuter bus, paratransit and freight, the 311,000 people and goods have a choice when accessing all areas of the city. Further, the system also conveniently connects to transit agencies of Central Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and south-central Pennsylvania (Hanover, Harrisburg, and York): WMATA, Charm City Circulator, Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland, Annapolis Transit, Rabbit Transit, Ride-On, and TransIT.


MTA on call 6

Maintaining ‘Dependable’

With all of that movement and capacity - regular maintenance, rehabilitation and new facilities are needed on a regular basis. In addition, to keep up with the population growth within Baltimore and surrounding areas, the MTA is embarking on large-scale preservation and enhancement projects.


Urban is providing professional design services to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) for the development and review of preliminary and final design of MTA facilities. This work includes preparing plans, specifications, estimates, and shop drawing reviews.  It also involves providing construction-related support services. Professional Services include the following:

  • Engineering design reviews, peer reviews, value engineering workshop services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural, civil including ADA application to transit facilities, utilities, drainage, traffic, and environmental components
  • Architectural design and review services, relating to transit facilities
  • Structural engineering design and review services, for both new designs and repairs, modifications, alterations, improvements, and rehabilitation of existing facilities
  • Prepare and review contract bid documents including specifications, construction cost estimates, and schedules
  • Prepare reports and recommendations for repairs, project management services, and field inspection services
  • Provide construction-related services including reviewing shop drawings and contractor submittals for conformance with contract specifications, site visits during construction to investigate and report on issues of quality and progress, and revisions to contract documents
  • Provide field surveys, right-of-way, and geotechnical investigations


mta on call 2

Specific assignments have included:

I -70 Phase 2D Track and Grade Crossing Design Reviews: Currently providing professional administrative, design review and construction support services for the "I-70 Phase 2D From East of MD 144 to West of South Street Design Build" SHA Contract FR4275172. Urban is providing an overall review of the contractors final design build documents relating to the track, drainage and two grade crossings located at Monocacy Boulevard and Lafarge Driveway including review/ acceptance of the contractor shop drawings on behalf of the MTA.


Bus Main Shop and Kirk Division Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility Peer Review:  We provided a peer review of the planned bus maintenance facilities and to provide comments relating to architectural, civil/site, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fuel systems, LEED analysis, and equipment selection. Work included conducting a 30%, 60%, and 90% review of the design report, construction plans, cost estimate, LEED report, building code analysis, and fire marshal report.


mta on call bus facility

Constructability Review for Waldorf Park and Ride: Urban performed a Constructability Review of final design documents for the Waldorf Park and Ride focusing on the engineering elements, construction schedule, and overall constructability, construction phasing and construction staging aspects, construction work day schedule, and environmental agency reviews.


Project Management Oversight for Development of MTA Construction Specifications: Urban is responsible for the on-going development and upgrading of current MTA Construction Specifications to reflect current industry standards in compliance with the MTA’s Construction Specification Criteria and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) “MasterFormat Specifications 95. These specification sections will then be issued by the MTA as official documents to be followed by consultants and contractors working on MTA Projects.


Provide Procurement Support Services for Special Track Items for the Baltimore Metro and Central Light Rail Line: Urban prepared bid documents for the procurement of rail and special trackwork Items for both the Baltimore Metro and Central Light Rail Line. This procurement is for straight rail and special trackwork spare parts to be used by MTA. Deliveries will be made to both the Portal and North Avenue Yard Storage Yards. This task assignment includes development of procurement documents, design reviews of special trackwork details in compliance with MTA Special Provisions and review, appraisal and evaluation of the contractor’s progress schedule, shop drawings, source of supply and materials and Quality Control (CQC) program. Office, site and supplier visits will be as directed by the MTA.


MTA on call 5 metro station

Review of Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center: Urban reviewed the 65% and 100% contract documents, construction specifications and corresponding drawings for reference relating to architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing, engineering elements only. This review will identify work items shown in drawings and that corresponding specifications are provided.


Feasibility Study of Norfolk Southern Flexi-Flow Site: Urban provided a feasibility study of the Norfolk Southern Flex-Flo Site. Work included review environmental site assessment, traffic study, and hold an internal meeting/workshops. A written Report Summary was submitted to the MTA Phase I Services for Portal Project Subgrade Analysis and Drainage Recommendations: Urban will be providing engineering services for Phase 1 of the Portal Project. This task is the first phase of a capital improvement project that is scheduled to be under construction within the next three to four years. This phase will include performing a field survey and developing base mapping, geotechnical investigation to determine condition of track subgrade and performing a drainage investigation of the project site.



Through this contract, the MTA can keep up with the necessary repairs, rehabilitations and even new designs needed to keep this large transit system running smoothly and ultimately, maintaining the high level of dependability that has been established for their ridership. 



  • Surveys
  • Site Feasibility Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Track Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Stormwater Management
  • ADA Design
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
  • Geotechnical
  • Scheduling/Cost Estimates
  • Value Engineering Workshops
  • Peer Reviews
  • Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Constructability Reviews


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