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Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvement 1

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements

The client and local residents have been thrilled with the outcome of the Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements. The design of the project yielded exceptional performance reviews by DelDOT.

Services Provided
Delaware Department of Transportation
Project Contact
Mark Kinnee, PE
Senior Vice President, COO

Claymont station is a commuter rail stop along the SEPTA Wilmington/Newark Line in Delaware that serves about 1,200 weekday commuter rail riders with linkages to Philadelphia and Wilmington. Nearby Myrtle Avenue linked the local community to the station, but with no sidewalks, the street itself was not walkable. In addition, pathways to Claymont station were not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced a $683,000 improvement project to the thoroughfare, saying the right-of-way will give train passengers a safe walking path along Myrtle Avenue between the commercial core of Claymont – with its numerous bus stops – and the train station.


DelDOT brought in Urban Engineers to serve as the project manager and engineering firm responsible for the development of conceptual alternatives, design, plans, specifications, and estimate package and provided construction consultation for new sidewalks along Myrtle Avenue that connected with Philadelphia Pike, also known as U.S. Route 13.


Since the project affected many different stakeholder groups, an extensive public involvement program was required. Consensus needed to be obtained by a variety of groups. Urban assisted with public involvement meetings, as well as individual meetings with organizations as needed. After receiving essential feedback from stakeholders, all concerns were taken into consideration when developing the final design. 


To complete the Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements project, consideration for traffic and access to residential homes on the street presented a complex challenge. Urban was tasked with designing the maintenance of traffic plan to maintain one lane of traffic at all times and access to residential driveways. This allowed for the road to remain open, reducing any inconvenience to the community. Additionally, the project required planning for the construction of utility relocations and new sidewalk, curb, drainage systems, lighting, and guardrail.

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Before 3

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Before 2

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Before 1

Before images of Myrtle Avenue


Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements 3

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements 4

Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements 2

After images of Myrtle Avenue

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