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Traffic in LA

Getting residents to opt out of the car and in for public transportation is a major challenge facing the Metro. Credit: Steven Damron
Connecting Los Angeles with Regional Rail

LACMTA's Regional Connector project will connect Los Angeles like never before.

Services Provided
Program Management
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

LACMTA Regional Connector Transit Corridor, Los Angeles, CA

We are providing Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) services for LACMTA’s Regional Connector project, a 1.9-mile-long LRT line that will link the Gold Line and Little Tokyo/Arts District Station to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station downtown. Passengers can transfer to several lines at Center Station, rather than through busy Union Station.


An Expensive Expansion

The estimated $1.55 billion project involves tunneling, construction of three underground stations, and procurement of four light rail vehicles.


Urban became the FTA’s PMOC in 2014 and has been providing ongoing design, construction, contracts, cost, and scheduling evaluations, as well as other consulting services.