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Establishing Rail in Texas
Urban assisted the Federal Transit Administration with Project Management Oversight services during an effort to establish reliable commuter rail service along a 25-mile corridor between Fort Worth and Dallas. 
Services Provided
Program Management
Federal Transit Administration
Project Contact
William Thomsen, PE
Senior Vice President, Market Leader for Rail & Transit, President and CEO of Urban Engineers of New York, D.P.C.

The project was implemented in two phases — Phase One was executed by DART and Phase Two by The T. The Trinity Railway Express (TRE) is the commuter rail service that uses this corridor today. Fort Worth’s old Texas & Pacific Railroad building became an intermodal center, with TRE transporting suburban commuters into the city. The project also instituted a shuttle bus to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, as well as light rail service.


Urban is also the Monitoring and Technical Assistance Contractor (MTAC) for the Federal Railroad Administration’s Central Region Projects, which are comprised of High-Speed Rail and TIGER grants in Texas and other Region VI states. Services include compliance and programmatic monitoring support, deliverable review and technical assistance, and training and administrative support. These efforts require development of regular reports, technical memoranda, and other supporting documents to assist the FRA and its grantees.


Key projects included the following:

  • $104 million Tower 55, in Fort Worth, which entailed addition of a third north-south rail line along the eastern edge of downtown and modifications to pedestrian crossings near downtown
  • Houston-to-Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Central Railway High-Speed Rail program