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The Navy Yard Philadelphia

Managing Waste as the Navy Yard Expands

Urban supervised all environmental elements during the abatement and demolition phases of this $29 million project at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

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Liberty Property Trust
Project Contact
Angelo Waters, PE, LEED AP
Vice President, Practice Leader for Environmental

Environmental Monitoring, Axalta at The Navy Yard, Philadephia, PA

Environmental remediation is key to continued development at The Navy Yard — a 348-acre site being developed into a mixed-use campus in Philadelphia. Waste, chemicals, and pollutants leftover from the base’s former use must be carefully managed. In support of these efforts, Urban supervised all environmental elements of a $29 million project, which involved demolition and abatement of eight buildings at 11th and Kitty Hawk Streets, in the Navy Yard.  


We prepared asbestos and hazardous material documents, permit applications, reports, and studies to secure approvals needed for this massive demolition, rehabilitation, and site improvement project. This required coordination with federal, state, and city permitting authorities.


Axalta Navy Yard

Environmental Cleanup in Unique Historic District 

Buildings had to be cleared of asbestos, PCBs, florescent lighting, lead-based paints, petroleum contamination, and other residual wastes prior to the demolition sequence. This required coordination with the owner, general contractor, abatement/demolition contractor, manager of The Navy Yard, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, and local regulators like Philadelphia Air Management.



  • Sampling
  • Philadelphia air management
  • Asbestos control regulations
  • Contractor abatement specifications
  • Permitting
  • Pre-demolition hazardous material
  • Health and safety plan 

axalta at the navy yard

Axalta Navy Yard

Axalta Navy Yard

Axalta Navy Yard

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