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Peter Brennan, PE LEED AP
Associate Vice President, Deputy Practice Leader for Ports & Waterways
BSE, General Engineering, Swarthmore College

As the son of an American diplomat, Peter Brennan, PE, LEED® AP, spent his youth traveling throughout East Africa. He lived in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Zambia and visited several more countries between ages 8 and 17. “It was a complicated experience growing up abroad - one that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” Peter says. “Moving from place to place in a diplomatic household, you become sensitive to different viewpoints. I had to learn how to reach common ground with someone quickly in order to make new friends, a skill that I continue to draw upon today.”


During his time at Urban, Peter has successfully overseen projects related to both old and new infrastructure. Whether it’s a dive condition inspection and repairs of century-old piers, or a landside multidisciplinary port expansion, each project has presented its own unique technical and social challenges. Peter’s diverse experience has equipped him with the ability to communicate effectively and adapt to diverse personalities. Peter emphasizes the significance of developing positive relationships with clients and contractors, recognizing their role in the success of a project alongside sound engineering practices. “Building good relationships with clients and contractors is just as important to a project’s success as good engineering,” Peter says. “After all, every project is just data on a page until people make it real.” He believes that good communication is the key. “Clarity and specificity are very important in our industry. Even years later, your work should remain easily understandable.”