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Dale Russell, PE
Deputy Practice Leader, Aviation
BSC, Civil Engineering, Queen's University of Kingston (Canada)

After spending almost two decades designing highway and municipal roadway projects, Dale Russell, PE, capitalized on a career-transforming opportunity at Urban – to become an integral member of the Bradley International Airport Terminal B Redevelopment Design Team. Attracted by the complex and long-term nature of the project, Dale found the transition from Urban’s Highways to Airports Department seamless, facilitated by the support of Urban’s leadership. “A unique aspect of Urban’s culture is its emphasis on cumulative knowledge and interdisciplinary development and understanding the role it plays in professional growth.”


As the prime consultant, Urban is helping define the vision for the new state-of-the-art Bradley Terminal B as it replaces the existing 1950’s era Murphy Terminal. Upon completion, the new terminal complex will feature two concourses with a total of 19 gates, enhanced food courts, additional retail options, and a multi-level parking garage, incorporating a consolidated rental car facility. Planned sustainability features will include using natural daylight, cogeneration, fuel cells, and photovoltaics for energy. Dale is the project team’s single point focus for the client, managing the design effort among Urban’s multi-disciplinary team and STV Architecture, along with several specialty sub-consultants that range from baggage claim to terminal wayfinding – “elements of design you won’t see in 20 years of highway design.”