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LaGuardia Airport Hosts Ribbon Cutting for New Terminal Roadway System
Publication Date
June 15th 2021, 10:00 am

Urban was pleased to attend the opening of LaGuardia Airport's new Terminal C outer roadway system, completed six months ahead of schedule and in time to improve traffic flow at the airport as travelers return to the skies this summer. The roadway opening is the latest milestone in the ongoing $8 billion transformation of LaGuardia Airport into the 21st-century gateway New York deserves. Urban is proud to be providing construction management and inspection services for the ongoing Delta Terminal improvements


"The completion of LaGuardia Airport's outer roadway network demonstrates our commitment to improving the travel experience for passengers at LaGuardia Airport, who will be able to move more efficiently around the airport on thoughtfully designed roads with fewer traffic lights and wider lanes that will reduce traffic delays,” said Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole. “Easier movement around the airport is an integral part of our mission to create a world-class experience for travelers."


The Port Authority has allotted $625 million to new roadway/bridge construction as part of the overall $8 billion LaGuardia Airport modernization project. This includes LaGuardia Gateway Partners work on the western half of the airport at the new Terminal B and Delta's rebuilding of the entire eastern half of the airport to replace existing Terminals C and D with a single new Terminal C, which will be complete by 2025.


Twenty-six new bridges/flyovers replace 15 existing bridges and significantly eliminate the need for on-airport traffic signals. Prior to the start of the modernization program, there were 19 traffic signals for drivers to navigate at Terminals B, C, and D. Following completion of the modernization project, only three of those 19 traffic signals are expected to remain. Most of the on-airport road crossings will have been eliminated by raising traffic up onto bridges, sometimes three levels high. To further improve traffic flow, the 8.4 miles of new airport roadway will feature more and wider lanes than the previous 7.7 miles of airport roadway.


Learn more about Urban’s ongoing work at LaGuardia Airport by clicking here.