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Annual Kevin Brown, Jr. Scholarship Winner Announced
Publication Date
August 23rd 2017, 1:00 pm

Ken Fulmer, Kirsten Brown, Christine Evans, Keisha Smith, Kevin Brown


Urban is pleased to announce that the fourth winner of the Kevin Brown, Jr. Scholarship is Keisha Smith, a graduate of the George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia. The $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually by Urban to a student in the ACE Mentor Program’s Eastern Pennsylvania chapter and is named for employee Kevin Brown, who was a graduate of the program and currently serves on its board.


“It is an honor every year to see this scholarship given out to a hard-working individual,” said Mr. Brown. “Keisha’s passion and dedication to the program and interest in engineering make her a worthy recipient of this year’s award.”


Ms. Smith is a two-year participant of the ACE program. In her final year, she was selected to be on the Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) design competition team where she and her fellow team members competed nationally. This fall, Ms. Smith will be attending Penn State Harrisburg where she will study civil engineering.


The ACE Mentor Program is the fastest-growing industry-mentoring program in the nation. The Eastern Pennsylvania chapter has awarded more than $480,000 in scholarships since the beginning of the program. Urban is proud to be part of ACE's mentorship program to provide opportunities for students with limited resources to get involved and learn about architecture, construction, and engineering careers. The firm began offering a scholarship in 2014 to ACE participants who are excited about careers in the industry. Urban values involvement in outreach programs such as ACE because of the opportunity it provides to increase diversity in the field. For more information about ACE, click here.


ACE Mentor Eastern PA Marketing Video