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Flavio Salazar, EIT
Engineer in Training
BS, Civil Engineering, California State University, Fullerton

After testing the highest amongst students in her Algebra 2 class, Flavio Salazar’s teacher Ms. Briquelet suggested that he look into the engineering field. He knew nothing of the area of study at the time and had no clear direction in how to pursue a career in STEM. Thanks to the challenge to become competitive academically from Ms. Briquelet and other teachers, Flavio was inspired to pursue a track that he could solidify into his career. “I am forever grateful for their guidance and faith in me,” he says.


Now an engineer-in-training with Urban’s rail and transit department in Los Angeles, Flavio was an integral part of the development and execution of Long Beach Transit’s Facilities Assessment Project Master Plan, focusing on alternatives for expansion and redevelopment of the facilities and administration offices. His experience also includes overseeing 20 engineering employees in a municipal engineering project and providing technical writing, planning, mapping, and surveying assessment of over 6,500 bus stops collectively. Additionally, Flavio designed a speed-reducing roundabout that was constructed in the City of Santa Ana to improve safety and traffic circulation for the adjacent neighborhood and school.


A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, Flavio has volunteered with the ACE Mentor Program since 2018. He helps high school students learn about the architecture/construction/engineering industry with hands-on activities. He has also delivered guest speaker presentations on civil engineering for middle school students and undergraduates studying the major. “Being able to contribute to the community and help young people overcome similar obstacles that I experienced brings me the utmost satisfaction and sense of accomplishment,” Flavio says. Assisting others is something he has prioritized because of the help and inspiration he received from teachers growing up.


In his free time, Flavio enjoys staying active by playing Sunday league soccer, skateboarding, going to the gym, and dancing. Cooking is something that he has started to become fonder of, and he also enjoys playing Call of Duty: Warzone whenever he gets a chance. What excites him for work though is the ability to make changes to the current landscape and have a lasting impact on the quality of life for the community. “There is always a constant progression towards project goals at work,” he says.