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Danielle Eisenstock, APTD
Training & Development Manager
BS, Psychology, Ursinus College
A word that best describes you

While her fellow employees work to better the built environment, Danielle Eisenstock devotes herself to bettering the careers of her coworkers. A team member who radiates positive energy, she takes joy in being able to give back to her firm. Working closely with the director of Urban Training Institute, Danielle helps create learning experiences for Urban employees and clients to enhance their professional development and continuing education. As a training coordinator, you’d be hard-pressed to figure out what a typical day consists of for Danielle. “I love how each day is different. I enjoy helping design and develop classes and watching all of the students learn. It’s a great way to interact with everyone in the company.”


Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology from Ursinus College, Danielle uses her knowledge of human behavior and advanced critical thinking skills to help organize the courses and the classroom to fit the learners’ needs. Her strong interest in art and drawing allows her to apply her creative side to the job when helping with the design and implementation of Urban’s Learning Portal and marketing materials for the courses. “It is a great balance of organization and creativity with the added bonus of helping students earn their Professional Development Hours.” It may be a known fact that when Danielle isn’t in the Training Institute preparing for a workshop, you can certainly catch her encouraging her peers to sign up!


A lesser known fact about Danielle? She may like country music or dabble in sketch writing, but more notable is her involvement in WTS. Known as an international organization dedicated to the professional advancement of women in transportation, Danielle describes it as “a great support system for women in the industry” that aids and encourages leadership growth in women. That go-getter philosophy promoted by the organization hits home with Danielle, who prides herself on her enthusiasm and goal-oriented personality. Some of those upcoming goals she has involve the pursuit of an MBA and an idea to apply her interest in I/O psychology to her work, but her ultimate objective is always to help others and her fellow employees to improve their careers. 


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