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Brian McBride, PE
Construction Engineer
BS,Civil Engineering, Penn State University
A word that best describes you

“Dedicated” is the word Brian chooses to best describe himself, and it couldn’t be more accurate. He enjoys a challenge, and his position as a construction engineer demands that. For every project that he works on, he must discover feasible and cost-effective solutions to problems while simultaneously cooperating with all of the different parties – designers, project engineers, construction foremen, the public, etc. – involved in the construction process. The work is nothing if not satisfying, however, and Brian loves his job best when he is able to solve complex problems. “A good engineer doesn’t always know the answer, but he knows where to find it,” is the professional philosophy he lives by.


Since he entered the engineering industry, the most important lesson Brian has learned is the value of common sense. And though he may appear to be the most practical man in the office because of this, Brian might sheepishly admit that during the summer he’d prefer to be at the beach, or perhaps he’ll even joke about the time he missed his structural analysis midterm in college to attend the Phillies’ 2008 World Series Parade. Brian graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s in civil engineering, a decision which he cites as one of the best in his life. His time there made a significant impact on him, and he carries with him what he learned still to this day. “The devil is in the details,” he said, recalling a quote from one of his former professors that he didn’t fully appreciate before coming into his professional career. Now he never overlooks the fine print.


Brian continues to be dedicated to his work and has plans to become more involved in professional societies like ASCE and ASHE. He’s also set higher goals for himself – he’d like to return to school to earn a master’s degree, and in the near future, he can see himself working as a lead project manager on larger scale infrastructure projects in the Philadelphia region. His dedication has carried him through his career so far, from his first job as a laborer in residential construction, to the Betsy Ross Bridge and I-95 Interchange replacement. Whatever Brian is currently working on, you can rest assured that his level of performance is held to the highest standard of excellence. And if that means coming into the office every day at 6:30 am, then so be it.