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Recognizing Career Agility
Publication Date
June 10th 2020

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When employees constantly move between firms, it can be a challenge to build a workplace culture. It is common for individuals to ‘job hop’ between companies. For most, moving from one employer to the next is standard and a way to advance their career or try something new. Some people are looking for a new career challenge, or they may be looking to move due to life changes.


At Urban, it has become important to provide employees with career agility. A staffer does not need to feel boxed into a specific specialty. As a multidiscipline firm with offices across the country, there are many opportunities to shift the service you provide or your location from one coast to the other. We have many examples of staff members’ moves, like transitioning from the MEP department to construction management, or moving from the Philadelphia region to the Southwest.


For the month of June, we are celebrating career agility as a part of our #UR60N campaign. At Urban, we make an effort to have a close-knit feel, no matter what office you are located in. We take pride in the relationships fostered between employees. We also take pride in giving staff the opportunity to not only grow their career, but shape it around their life, wherever it may lead. Here are some Urban testimonials:

#UR60N Career Agility -- Chamia Green

#UR60N Career Agility -- Tim Dunn

#UR60N Career Agility -- Carol Martsolf