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‘It’s About the Journey’
Publication Date
February 6th 2023, 12:00 pm

Faces of Urban - Miten Patel

By Miten Patel, PE


It’s a team effort when you're on a job site. The team allows individuals to come together as a unit because we are all working toward the same goal. If you are a younger professional, there is a lot that you can learn from those around you. The common saying, ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,’ is true. There are mentor’s all around you on a job site, so as you work alongside others, take a chance to appreciate the time and learn as much as you can.


In an individual’s career, there are always challenges to overcome. It is useful to work at an organization that encourages you to ask for help. I credit my longevity at Urban for this fact. When I was younger, I never expected to stay with any employer for more than five years, but the culture and environment at Urban have caused me to stay. Things like flexibility and career agility – and especially mentoring – are important if you want good employee retention.


As a young professional engineer in the engineering consulting industry, it is my goal to develop and progress while also keeping things entertaining. I have had many good mentors in my time at Urban, and have learned a lot from the leaders in my department, like Peter Brennan, Mike Wagner, and Shawn McAdams. Their cumulative years of experience along waterfronts is something I can draw upon and learn from. When challenges arise on a project, I know there is someone in my department that I can go to for questions. And alternately, they have made me feel supported enough to express when I have an idea or opinion. I know they will listen.


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