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David Metcalf
Construction Inspection Project Manager
AAS, Construction Inspection Technology/Construction Management, Catonsville Community College
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David Metcalf, a Baltimore native, had a 20-year career as a carpenter before going back to college in his 30s. He obtained dual AA degrees in Construction Management and Construction Inspection Technology, and began his life as a construction inspector in 1989. During the following 10 years, David worked his way up to managing projects, and currently serves as a construction inspection project manager and construction manager technician at Urban.


Throughout his time at the firm, David has enjoyed participating in various projects, including the $105 million PennDOT’s reconstruction of Route 202, one of seven SR0202 projects since 2000 totaling over a half-billion dollars’ worth of work. David says that leaving Maryland for Pennsylvania to do highway construction inspection was the best decision he has made. While construction has played an immense role in his life, he also finds enjoyment in activities such as riding motorcycles and playing golf.


A typical day in David’s shoes can easily be described as “hectic.” However, the unpredictability of what each project entails and problem-solving are his favorite aspects. Along the way, David learned to appreciate the colleagues he works with for who they are as people. A good manager learns the best way that each person can contribute and doesn’t spend a lot of time asking them to do something that they’re not familiar with. With that in mind, his essential professional philosophy is to never be too proud to ask a question!