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Adam Brown, PE
Project Manager, Highways
MS, Civil Engineering, Villanova University, BS, Civil Engineering, Lafayette College

Adam Brown enjoys getting to know people.  In a world of lines and numbers, he considers perspectives of co-workers, clients, and the public to be critical aspects of his projects.  Whether working with fellow engineers, consulting with a client, or speaking at a public involvement meeting, “understanding what people are passionate about and how they envision a project leads to a better design,” he said. “This is not only important to the success of a project, but it helps create long-term relationships.”


Adam’s approach has benefited the officials and the local community of Sea Isle City in Cape May County, NJ.  Adam is the designer and Urban’s lead project engineer for the $3.5 million reconstruction of John F. Kennedy Boulevard (JFK). This roadway serves as an entrance and focal point to Sea Isle City’s popular beachfront destination.  Unfortunately, the area experiences flooding during large storm events, especially when these events coincide with high tides which make it more difficult to traverse the roadways. “We learned at our public involvement meetings that flooding was a major concern of local officials and the community," Adam said. “That is why, in addition to providing a solution that promotes mobility and safety, we raised the profile of JFK as high as two feet in some areas to counter the tidal storm events.  While the flooding will still happen, the goal is to reduce the flooding impacts during critical situations, such as evacuations, and allow for one lane in each direction to remain traversable for a longer period of time.”


Sea Isle City - JFK Boulevard Improvement Project