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Urban Hosts “PDH Month” Ahead of Annual License Renewal
Publication Date
October 8th 2019, 9:00 am

To assist busy engineers earn their professional development hours (PDHs) ahead of the September Professional Engineer license renewal deadline in Pennsylvania, Urban Engineers hosted a “PDH Month” which included nine accredited in-house training sessions throughout August. The firm’s Urban Training Institute organized the “TrainingPalooza” with the dual purpose of fulfilling the requirements staff need for licensure, as well as giving employees a chance to get experience as presenters.


“Many consulting engineers struggle to earn their required PDHs for licensure while also maintaining their busy work and life schedules,” said Carol Martsolf, PE, PMP, CPLP, LEED AP, the director of training for the Urban Training Institute. “We at Urban have worked hard to maintain accreditation with the Registered Continuing Education Program, so it was a logical step to create a ‘catch up’ program during the summer that allowed our licensed staff easy access to trainings to meet their PDH requirements.” 


To prepare for “PDH Month,” Urban’s training department worked with each of the instructors individually to build out their presentations, incorporate interactive activities, and hold practice sessions. All of the classes were accredited through the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) – so each course had to meet the specific requirements, including being at least one hour in length for one PDH, or two hours for two PDHs. The courses were required to have measurable learning outcomes and be on a technical topic that meets the standards for continuing education. All students who attend the course were required to complete an evaluation form to receive credit. The sessions were all offered in-person and through webinar so staff from all of Urban offices could attend.


Many of the instructors were new and were given the chance to gain experience as a presenter. The opportunity was a great way to highlight projects that staff had worked on, topics they enjoy, and tools and best practices they have come across in the field.


“We were thrilled to have many women and younger engineers volunteer to present,” Ms. Martsolf added. “In an industry that is known to be dominated by men, Urban was able to have more than half of our presentations be led by a woman.”


Eleven PDH hours in total were offered to Urban’s staff over nine courses through August. The courses included:


  • “Vision Zero: A Primer” – Instructors Kate Mundie & Andrew Thompson
  • College Park Runway Rehabilitation Project: Transition from Design to Construction Services” – Instructor Kirsten Brown
  • “ADA Curb Ramp Design and Implementation” – Instructor Abbey Gancz
  • “Improving Project Success with Early Construction Project Controls” – Instructor Moses Gaster
  • “Introduction to CPM Scheduling” – Instructor Ted Smith
  • Schedule Impacts on Projects” – Instructor Becca Price
  • “Construction Management Administration” – Instructor Lauren Antenucci
  • “Accessibility – Not Just About Wheelchairs” – Instructor Matt Reese
  • “Highway Safety Manual Crash Prediction Module (CPM)” – Instructor Dawn Dayawon


The Urban Training Institute plans on running the successful “PDH Month” again next year. The Training Institute strives to create exceptional learning experiences for our employees and to extend Urban’s resources to all professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction community seeking professional development. For more information on the award-winning program, click here


Urban Engineers, Inc. has met the standards and requirements of the Registered Continuing Education Program. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to Certificates of Completion will be issued to all participants via the online system. Complaints regarding RCEP registered providers may be addressed to RCEP at 1015 15th Street, NW, 8th Fl., Washington, DC, 20005. Website: