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Advocating for Engineering: Urban Represented at the ASCE 2023 Legislative Fly-In
Publication Date
March 9th 2023, 5:00 pm

Urban’s Carol Martsolf, who serves as an ASCE’s Region 2 Director, had an incredible week advocating for infrastructure funding in Washington D.C. as a part of the 2023 ASCE Legislative Fly-In. Ms. Martsolf and the ASCE representatives met with staffers from Senator Bob Casey, Senator John Fetterman, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, Rep. Brendan Boyle, and Rep. Dwight Evans to discuss the importance of investing in our nation's infrastructure. The Legislative Fly-In involves approximately 280 ASCE members traveling from 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to meet with members of Congress and their staffs.


The Fly-In was the first event since before the pandemic to take place entirely in person, and it made a significant impact. Maria Lehman, the 2023 ASCE President, said, “It’s been excellent to be back in the Capitol seeing people face-to-face after the three years we’ve been through.” Attendees of this year’s Fly-In focused on four key legislative priorities for 2023: fully funding investment levels set by the IIJA as well as the CHIPS and Science Act, reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration’s programs, prioritizing investments and policies that support resilient infrastructure, and reauthorizing the National Dam Safety Program and the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program.


With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed, the ASCE advocacy attention now turns to implementation. It is crucial that all levels of government work together to optimize this investment. Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, and it is essential that we continue to invest in its maintenance and development. The ASCE and its members are committed to advocating for the proper funding and prioritization of infrastructure projects across the nation.


Ms. Martsolf's meetings on Capitol Hill were just one small part of the larger effort to improve our nation's infrastructure. The ASCE Legislative Fly-In was a successful event that brought together individuals from all over the country to advocate for change. With continued advocacy efforts, we can ensure that our infrastructure is resilient, sustainable, and ready for the future.


martsolf asce fly in 2023 3

Carol Martsolf with the Pennsylvania delegation at the Capitol.

martsolf asce fly in 2023

Carol Martsolf heading into a meeting with representatives of Mary Gay Scanlon.