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Bridge Niagara Falls CSXT and Lockport 1

Four Bridge Replacements on I-190

Improving the transportation in the Niagara Section of the I-190 in New York.

Services Provided
Construction Services
New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
Project Contact
Eric Sailer, PE
Vice President, Director of Construction Services - Western New York

I-190 Bridge (4) Replacements over CSXT and Lockport Road, Niagara Falls, NY 

This project was part of an overall plan to improve the structural and operational characteristics of the Niagara Section of the I-190. Interstate 190 is a critical highway component for the transportation of goods to and from Canada via the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge as well as the Niagara Area – Toronto tourism industry.


Bridge Removal and Replacement

The project included the complete removal and replacement of four, two-lane steel multi-span structures, utilizing the existing horizontal alignment. The proposed structures were shorter than the existing structures to reduce the number of bridge spans and piers. The new structures provided standard vertical and horizontal clearances as well as corrected the non-standard shoulder widths. 


Urban's Effort

Work under this agreement included construction inspection services for bridge and highway-related work including steel bearing pile installation; MSES wall construction, extensive embankment construction as well as integral abutment construction. New armorless bridge joint systems (S900 – SFP, Manufactured by Silspec) were installed on the CSXT bridges utilizing sleeper slabs. In addition, fiber optic ITS relocations were required to maintain operations for the US/Canadian border crossings during construction.



  • Railroad force account record keeping, bridge construction methods and procedures, earthwork inspection, and nuclear density testing.
  • Extensive coordination with CSX Railroad, NITEC, Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge (Niagara Falls Bridge Commission), Canadian Customs & Border Protection, Niagara County, City of Niagara Falls, Town of Niagara, NYSDOT Regional ITS Coordinator and NYSDOT Public Information Officer.
  • Coordination with NYSDEC in implementing the SPDES general permit and the NYSDOT general standards and specifications for stormwater discharge and construction activities.

Bridge Niagara Falls CSXT and Lockport 1

Bridge Niagara Falls CSXT and Lockport 3