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Earth Day 2016
Publication Date
April 22nd 2016

Since 1970, the idea of Earth Day has been to kindle enthusiasm for the sustainability of the planet. Through nurturing innovative ideas and inspiring individuals to be environmentally conscious, people can come together as a strong community and make a difference for future generations.

Urban Engineers strives to be on the forefront of Green Sustainability whenever feasible; both in our projects and through the inner-workings of our offices. Please join us in celebrating this 46 year old holiday with at least one takeaway in mind, “Let’s try to live every day…as if it were Earth Day!”


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Green Transportation


Car-Sharing is a method that can assist the environment by decreasing air pollution…. while also increasing the amount of money in your wallet.  Fewer cars on the road leads to saving gas and oil, less parking infrastructure and road expansions needed for an area, and potentially not having one’s personal vehicle just sitting in a garage all day (depreciating in value as you sit at work for 8+ hours).


Bicycling obviously assists in perpetuating one’s healthy lifestyle, as the average person can burn about 38 Calories per mile.  Also, when deciding to ride a bicycle instead of a vehicle to your next destination, you could save an average of $1.53 per mile – and it can save the earth about 1.0 pound of toxic emissions. Check out websites for Indego and Citi Bike.


Everyone Wins


Just by being conscientious about the environment and adding in the awareness of ‘Going Green’, just look at some of the deals/discounts that are offered on Earth Day!  Conduct your own online search and see what other freebies you can find!


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Up Your Recycling Game


Most of us integrate Earth Day practices into our every day. We recycle at work and at home. For those of you who live in Philadelphia, Fort Worth, and Wilmington you can up your recycle game with Recycle Bank. Recycle Bank sends you a bar code sticker for your bin.  At pick up, your recycler scans the bin and you get points towards local deals and exclusive discounts, or you can send your points in support “Green Schools Program.” Find out if Recycle Bank servesyour area.


If you are like me, you have a pile of broken or obsolete electronics taking up space in your house. These electronics cannot go out in curbside trash or recycling. What do you do with the broken TV, old phone, or old DVD player? Both Staples and Best Buy have e-recycling programs. You can go here and here to find out the e-trash they except and if there are any cost to recycle particular items. Staples might even give you a trade in on an old laptop, tablet, or e-reader.


Earth Day Tips and Ideas Worth Stealing:


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What to do with an old phone?

When you up grade does the old phone go in the junk drawer? Here are some good tips for what to do with that old phone.


Did you Know?

Did you know that plastic bags, trash bags, bubble wrap, and any type of plastic film cannot go into your recycling bin? They get tangled around the automatic sorters at your recycling center. Many grocery stores and large retailers like Target and Walmart now have plastic film recycling near their front doors.  Plastic film is often recycled into composite lumber.