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Urban Engineers to Design Quay Wall Replacement at The Navy Yard
Publication Date
July 1st 2013

 Urban Engineers has been selected by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) to design the replacement structure for the existing Broad Street quay wall at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia.  


“This is a very important assignment given its visible impact on the main entrance to The Navy Yard and the many difficult historic, engineering, traffic, and other issues involved,” said Will Agate, PIDC’s Senior Vice President of The Navy Yard.


Located just beyond The Navy Yard’s Broad Street entrance, the existing structure and a significant section of its deck are currently fenced off. This limits Broad Street to a single travel lane for both cars and cyclists heading in the southbound direction.  In addition, pedestrians must now keep to the east sidewalk, further away from the unique waterfront vantage point that the quay wall offers visitors observing the ships in the Reserve Basin.


The design of the replacement structure will involve streetscape, structural, maritime, historic, and landscape considerations, as well as coordination with various agencies, and stormwater permit acquisition.  The first phase of design includes feasibility studies to determine the most practical approach from which to base the final design. Urban Engineers will also oversee construction.


Originally the country’s first naval shipyard, The Navy Yard has reemerged as one of the region’s largest centers of employment, attracting more than 130 companies and 10,000 employees in the office, industrial/manufacturing, and research and development sectors. In its master developer role at The Navy Yard, PIDC’s Real Estate Group oversees all aspects of the 1,200-acre property’s management and development, including master planning, leasing, property management, infrastructure development, utility operation, and structuring development transactions.


“This quay wall has supported the footsteps of millions of men and women who have built and boarded ships to defend our country,” said Edward M. D’Alba, Urban Engineers’ CEO and President. “Today it is the gateway to a thriving business center and once a year is the final landmark before the Broad Street Run finish line, the largest ten-mile road race in the United States. Urban is proud of our selection to design a project that means so much to so many.”