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One World Trade Center Featured in Documentaries
Publication Date
August 23rd 2011

 As the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01 approaches, we shall never forget the lives lost in the deadliest attack on American soil and the resolve of our citizens to respond. Currently under construction, the new One World Trade Center (WTC) will serve as a testament to this resolve, becoming an ever-present symbol of renewal and hope for the future.


Urban Engineers, as part of a joint venture, has been monitoring the design and construction of the $3.1 billion One WTC (previously referred to as the FreedomTower). The new structure is expected to rise an impressive 1,776 feet, making itAmerica’s tallest skyscraper. Upon completion, the building will consist of 104 total floors, 3 million square feet of office space on 71 office floors, a grand public lobby graced with 50-foot ceilings, an observation deck 1,241′ 8″ above ground, and ample shopping opportunities and parking.


Urban’s John Sabatino, AIA, is leading the technical effort for the joint venture by supplying legal and accounting professionals with the technical architectural and engineering expertise required to provide the monitoring for the Port Authority of New York New Jersey (PANYNJ) executive team.


Over the next several weeks, the Discovery Channel, and a number of national networks will be highlighting the work at ground zero and on One WTC.

Urban’s President and CEO, Edward M. D’Alba, stated, “Urban is proud to be a part of this historic reconstruction effort of national significance. Our professionals have been engaged with the nation’s most talented design and construction professionals in performance of this service and have made it a priority within our firm. I encourage you to watch these television programs and know that Urban is making a difference in leading America in this recovery effort.”


The upcoming programming will include:

  • Discovery Channel 8-25-11: One WTC (Parts 1 and 2) documentary andPATHtransportation Hub documentary
  • The Science Channel 8-28-11: One WTC documentary (Parts and 1 and 2) and 9-4-11 PATHTransportation Hub documentary
  • PBS NOVA 9-7-11 @ 9 pm, a one hour program: “The New World TradeCenter: Engineering an Icon”
  • Discovery Channel 9-1-11: 8pm – 11pm One WTC documentary
    (Parts 4 – 6)
  • Science 9-11-11: 5pm – 11pm One WTC documentary (Parts 1 – 6)