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Carol Martsolf of Urban Engineers Appointed to PECO’s Environmental Justice Advisory Committee
Publication Date
April 15th 2024, 9:00 am

Carol Martsolf, PE, PMP, CPTD, LEED AP, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Urban Engineers, has been nominated to serve on PECO's inaugural Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC). PECO is Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas energy company and a leader in advancing smart energy.


PECO's EJAC will provide a standing forum for the company to engage with leaders regarding traditionally underserved communities, focusing on resilience, equity, and access to clean and reliable energy. EJAC members will provide high-level guidance to PECO on energy issues of interest to their communities, especially equity and environmental justice.


“To be able to make a difference in the communities that have been historically underserved is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to help ensure that everyone can have access to affordable, efficient, clean energy. It’s imperative that there is equity in all matters of infrastructure,” said Carol Martsolf.


Over the last several months, elected officials and other key leaders have provided PECO with recommendations to help identify distinguished community-level leaders in sustainability and energy equity to serve on this first-of-its-kind EJAC. Carol's nomination came from the President of the Delaware County Council and the Office of Sustainability in Delaware County.


Carol serves as chair of Delaware County's Sustainability Commission. Under Carol's leadership as Chair of the Commission, Delaware County recently released its first-ever sustainability plan, which identifies initiatives for the county and its 49 municipalities to address climate change. The Sustainability Plan process was led by Sustain Delco staff and residents, who provided meaningful recommendations to the County Council and relevant county departments regarding preserving and protecting Delaware County's natural and cultural environment.


Dr. Monica Taylor, President of Delaware County Council, said, “We are so pleased to recommend Carol Martsolf to the PECO Environmental Justice Advisory Committee because we know she will be an advocate for sustainability and equity, as she has for the County as Chair of the Delaware County Sustainability Commission.”