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Greg Bobyock, PE
Project Engineer
BS in Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering
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When Greg Bobyock reached out to Urban for an internship while he was attending Widener University, the firm did not have any openings. Nevertheless, the great advice he received from Urban’s Angelo Waters – whom he had reached out to – stuck with him. Greg later met Urban staff when they gave a presentation to Widener’s ASCE student chapter, and he was impressed by the enthusiasm they had for the project they were presenting. For those reasons and more, Greg found himself perusing a job at Urban after graduation. More than five years later, he is happily building his career with the firm as an engineer in the land development department.


“Being at Urban has set me on a path of work I enjoy, with people that are amazing, and with a company that cares,” he says. “The people I work with create a great environment. The projects I get to be involved with are exciting. I am really proud to have been a part of many significate projects in Philadelphia, including Dilworth Park, the Rail Park, the city’s green stormwater infrastructure projects, and more.”


Green stormwater infrastructure in particular is something that caught Greg’s interest. Under an Urban on-call design contract with the City of Philadelphia for the design of green stormwater infrastructure, he had the opportunity to work with a project team of engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects to design 40 greened acres. The work included designs for stormwater basins, tree trenches, infiltration trenches, containment basins, planters, and bumpouts. Greg recalls the project as very rewarding.


“I grew to love the green stormwater infrastructure systems and now when I travel to other cities, I get to take a look at the infrastructure they have developed and consider how I could incorporate what I am seeing into the projects I am working on every day,” he says.


Where is Greg’s journey with Urban taking him next? After many years in the Greater Philadelphia area, he is moving up to New York City to work out of the firm’s Penn Station location. It will be a significant change of scenery for him, but he is happy to have had Urban backing him every step of the way.