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Second Avenue Subway

Billions and billions are being spent in the Big Apple, more than $7.2 billion for East Side Access (ESA) and $4.4 billion for the initial phase of the Second Avenue Subway (SAS). These massive efforts are two of the largest public works projects ever built. The SAS is the first new subway in New York City in more than 50 years.
A Long Overdue New York Subway
The project will be completed in four phases, with Phase I providing transit service from East 96th Street to East 63rd Street.
Services Provided
Program Management
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Project Contact
William Thomsen, PE
Senior Vice President, Market Leader for Rail & Transit, President and CEO of Urban Engineers of New York, D.P.C.

MTACC Second Avenue Subway, Phase I        New York, NY

Public transit in the bustling city of New York is a very popular method of travel, but high traffic in the underground has initiated a long overdue and necessary expansion project. The Second Avenue Subway, an 8.5-mile-long route from 125th Street in Manhattan to Lower Manhattan, will reduce overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue Line while improving access to transit for residents of the far East Side. The project will be completed in four phases, with Phase I providing transit service from East 96th Street to East 63rd Street, as an extension of the Q line. More than 190,000 daily riders are expected to use Phase I of the line.


Complete Project Management

The project involves tunneling; trackwork; construction of stations; vehicle procurement; and installation of signal, electrical, and other systems. Urban provided feedback during development of the scope, budget, and schedule for the project. We also offered guidance on management, construction, and quality assurance practices. Now that preliminary work is complete, we monitor current project progress.


Services included:

  • Risk assessments for the scope, schedule, and cost estimate
  • Comprehensive reviews of the Project Management, Real Estate Acquisition, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, and Bus and Rail Fleet Management Plans 


Forward Progress

By providing timely feedback to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), we have helped move this project — which has been on and off the drawing board since the 1920s — into construction. Our input led to the negotiation of a $4.45 billion Full-Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) and authorization for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to progress through preliminary design, final design, and construction. This enormous, multi-phase project undertaking is now fully underway and in the process of expanding New York City public transit to change the way the city moves.

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