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battery park city 1 pile remediation

Pile Remediation for Battery Park City

Under Urban’s construction management and inspection guidance, 650 square concrete piles were repaired.


Services Provided
Construction Services
Battery Park City Authority (BPCA)
Project Contact
Michael Wagner, PE
Vice President, Practice Leader for Ports & Waterways

Battery Park City Pile Remediation, New York, NY 

Battery Park, a 25-acre park in Lower Manhattan, and 67-acre Battery Park City were built over water on piles and fill. New York City developed Battery Park City into residential, office, and retail space that offers significant tax and lease revenue to support affordable housing projects elsewhere in the City.   


bpca divers

Underwater and Out of Sight 

Most people don’t realize how deep the water is under Battery Park City. The land sits on piles in 40 feet of water. Maintaining the piles, which are impacted by water and ice abrasion, is an ongoing process. 


Urban provided construction management for the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA)’s third phase of pile remediation, which involved the installation of protective encasements on 650 square concrete piles. Diving inspectors played a critical role on this project as most of the work occurred below water and out of sight. The divers brought equipment under the pier through a 6'x12' opening. 


Environmental permits demanded work be completed quickly. We reviewed and provided feedback to the client on contractor requests to use a different type of equipment which could fit through the small opening. 

Our team managed an inspection process that entailed the following:  

  • Review of cleaning, forming, filling, and capping of the encasements
  • Coordination of diving inspectors and construction divers working alongside each other
  • Documentation of the pile cleaning and encasement process


Under our construction management and inspection guidance, 650 square concrete piles were repaired. Fiberglass jackets and epoxy treatment around each pier help prevent structural damage from the environment. 

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