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Urban Staff Contribute to ASCE’s 2022 Report Card on PA Infrastructure
Publication Date
November 30th 2022, 10:00 am

Staff from Urban were proud to assist in producing the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2022 Report Card on Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure. This report serves to educate the public on the status of the infrastructure in the Commonwealth. Residents, in conjunction with elected officials, can therefore better prioritize limited funding among competing, connected needs to improve the condition, capacity, operations, maintenance, safety, and resilience of infrastructure.


Overall, Pennsylvania’s infrastructure gets a ‘C-’, the same as the 2018 report card. Progress is real, but challenges remain. Pennsylvania has some of the oldest infrastructure in the country. Substantial maintenance backlogs have accrued in several areas as recent investment runs into new challenges such as inflation and resiliency to withstand climate change.


Urban staff volunteered to help produce seven different sections of the Report Card. Each of the categories of infrastructure covered in the Report Card is assessed using rigorous grading criteria and recent data to provide a comprehensive assessment of the area’s infrastructure. Some Urban staff served as champions, leading the assessment of their section. Volunteers included:


  • Nicholas Bresser: Public Parks Section
  • Kelly Hewton: Champion, Aviation Section
  • Angelo Waters: Champion, Hazardous Waste Section
  • Nicholas Giglio: Bridges Section | Roads Section
  • Jen Waters: Champion, Solid Waste Section
  • Matt Reese: Champion, Public Parks Section
  • Mike Wagner: Ports Section


The pandemic transformed how people use infrastructure, how it is managed, and what funding was available. Federal funding surged to meet immediate public health needs and can now be used to fund critical infrastructure. The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law plans to send $3.2 billion over five years to Pennsylvania for maintenance projects in transit. Roads became more deadly in the Commonwealth and nationwide, raising awareness and urgency to address traffic safety. To learn more and view the full report card, click here.