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Three Facts About Andragogy
Publication Date
November 9th 2022, 9:00 am
Danielle Eisenstock, APTD
Training & Development Manager

Did you know that adult learning theory is called andragogy? Adults learn differently from children so, the approach you take to teach must be different too. The Urban Training Institute takes this into account in all its seminars and classes. Here are three fun facts about andragogy: 


1. In a study by b2b decision labs about Zoom backgrounds, it was found that a fake background led to less attention among adult learners and more incorrect responses on quiz comprehension. Blurry or real backgrounds were more effective for learning. 


2. Repetition helps to improve memory. Using repetition in adult learning situations both verbally and visually can help with retention.


3. Adults learn outside of the classroom too with experiential learning. On-the-job and project-based learning opportunities are great ways to learn. 


We have opportunities to learn each day even when we don’t have class – so don’t forget to listen to all the knowledge and take in the experiences around you! The Urban Training Institute strives to create exceptional learning experiences for our employees and to extend Urban’s resources to all professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction community seeking professional development.


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