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LMRS Tioga Marine Terminal

Tioga Terminal Survey and Inspection

Constructed between 1912 and 1970, the piers and terminals are made of different materials. Each pier required special testing and inspection techniques.  

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Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA)
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Tioga Marine Terminal, Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia's port is a distribution hub connecting water, rail, and road transport for the eastern seaboard. The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority’s (PRPA) piers and terminals handle paper products, automobiles for export, chemicals, refrigerated fruit, and raw cocoa beans. Urban surveyed and inspected the following structures for PRPA:

  • Tioga Marine Terminal -  six berths including a 610-foot-long roll-on/roll-off berth
  • Tioga Marine Terminal II
  • Piers 38, 40, 78, 80, 82, 84, 96, 98 South, and 100 


Wake-up Call 

After the May 2000 collapse of Pier 34 into the Delaware River, PRPA was concerned about the condition of its own properties along the river. Our team was brought in to inspect the piers and terminals. Built between 1912 and 1970, the piers and terminals are made of different materials. Each pier required unique special testing and inspection techniques.


The Delaware River is a tidal river and the pier piles' exposure to air, salt, and water causes corrosion. At high tide, the pier might look like it is in good condition but below the water line there could be corrosion, rot, and wear to the pier supports. Some of the piers are built on fill and that fill can wash out over time, especially if the seawall or bulkhead is failing.   


Above & Below the Water 

We conducted above water visual inspections of the supporting pile, concrete seawall, deck and fender system. Divers assisted in underwater pile and foundation survey and testing. We inspected the bulkhead and randomly selected locations for non-destructive testing to test the current condition supports made of steel, concrete, and timber. PRPA budgeted for and created a plan for repairs based on the results of our tests and inspections.   

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LMSR Port Tioga Marine Terminal

LMRS Tioga Marine Terminal

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