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Kevin Brown, EIT
Assistant Resident Engineer, Construction Services
MS, Widener University

West Philadelphia born and raised, Kevin Brown Jr. spent most of his days...not thinking about his education. In fact, not until a high school counselor forced him to start applying to universities did he give it a second thought.  Eight years and a degree in civil engineering later, Kevin is the first member of his family to graduate from college. He has also earned his Engineer-In-Training certification, is about to complete his masters in civil engineering, and just finished a major project for Urban - the construction inspection and management of the Gustine Lake Interchange reconstruction project in Philadelphia. For two years, Kevin worked closely with PennDOT and the project team to take this challenging project from concept to completion - ahead of schedule and within budget.


Kevin credits this success to having mentors every step of the way. And that is why he spares his week nights to volunteer as a mentor to high school-age participants of the ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) program. Once a member himself, Kevin understands the importance of giving back and never forgetting where he came from.


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