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Walt Whitman Bridge Suspension Span Deck Replacement Project Underway
Publication Date
January 10th 2011

The Delaware River Port Authority’s $128 million, four-year effort to replace the suspension span deck on the Walt Whitman Bridge is underway and going well. A joint venture (JV) of Urban/URS was selected to serve as the construction monitoring firm overseeing the massive effort.


The Walt Whitman Bridge Suspension Span Deck Replacement Project consists of replacing the suspension span grid deck and supporting stringers with a floating grid deck system, and replacing reinforced concrete deck of the anchorages.


The work includes, but is not limited to, maintenance and protection of traffic; procuring and installing a new movable barrier; removing and replacing four signal gantries, and removing the suspended span deck and stringer system. Work also includes floor truss strengthening; removing and installing new suspended span lateral bracing system; installing new suspended span bearings; fabricating and installing new stringers and diaphragms; fabricating and installing new lightweight-concrete filed grid deck; and placing a new non-rutting, waterproof asphalt surface over the entire suspended span.


Additional work will feature finger joint replacement, cast-in-place concrete anchorage deck replacement, partial stiffening truss top chord cleaning and painting, and installing new TL-4 traffic barriers.


Also included is the modification to under-deck maintenance walkways; ladder relocations; replacing sidewalk, maintenance walkways, and support framing; deck truss span partial concrete deck and concrete barrier replacement; saddle enclosure modifications; replacing light poles; relocating and protecting electrical and communication cables; modifying fire department standpipe system; and replacing existing drainage structures, signing, and pavement markings.


The JV Team is responsible for construction monitoring and inspection services. Tasks include: monitoring construction activities; coordinating work activities with the DRPA’s engineering, bridge operations, and safety departments; monitoring the project schedule; preparing progress payments; chairing progress meetings; and processing technical submittals.