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Urban to Help Plan Willow Grove NAS Reuse
Publication Date
February 14th 2012

 Urban is a key member of the team selected by the Horsham Land Reuse Authority (HLRA) to develop the reuse master plan and strategy for surplus land at Willow Grove Naval Air Station, in Horsham Township, Montgomery County, PA. The team is headed by RKG Associates in association with Urban; Wallace, Roberts & Todd; and Weston Solutions.


The 892-acre station, which is scheduled to close September 15th, was ordered closed as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act. As the station represents about seven percent of the total acreage of Horsham Township, the reuse decision is a critical factor in determining the Township’s future. In September 2014, the surplus land will be available for transfer.


Urban’s responsibilities will focus on traffic and transportation analysis and concept development as well as facility evaluations and site planning.

Primary tasks fall into four major categories:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Creation of alternative redevelopment scenarios
  • Integration of findings into the final reuse plan/implementation strategy
  • On-going communications/stakeholder input process