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Urban Engineers to Provide Fire Escape Inspections

Urban Engineers is pleased to announce that in accordance with Section F-1011.1 of the Philadelphia Code that requires owners of buildings with fire escapes or fire escape balconies to submit inspection reports by July 1, 2017, the firm will be providing inspections with a professional engineer in the practice of structural engineering for facilities in the City of Philadelphia.


Urban’s structural project portfolio consists of commercial development, including office, residential and mixed use; higher education; historic structures; transportation; arts and cultural; and industrial facilities. Urban’s structural engineering practice has received national recognition for its efforts and has garnered awards from the American Institute of Steel Construction, the Steel Joist Institute, and the American Council of Engineering Companies. 



Fire Escape

To meet the requirements of Section F-1011.1 of the Philadelphia Code, Urban is prepared to:


  • Perform periodic inspections of fire escape balconies and fire escapes for structural safety and adequacy;
  • Develop reports on inspections of fire escapes;
  • Contact the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections to file reports.


Urban’s inspection practice is backed by multidisciplinary design and construction expertise. The firm has performed expert controlled and special inspections per Chapter 17 of the International Building Code for more than 20 years, and was one of the first organizations to become an accredited special inspection agency from the International Accreditation Service in Philadelphia. The firm has emphasized public safety service long before the city required building owners to hire accredited special inspection agencies for their projects. Urban’s controlled and special inspection services have reduced damages and loss for clients.


To reach a professional engineer about fire escape or fire escape balcony inspections, email Jeffrey Yeager, PE, or Steve Ehrlich, PE, LEED AP, or call them at 215-922-8080. For more information and frequently asked questions about fire escape inspection reporting in Philadelphia, click here.  


Cutis Center Fire Escape

Example of an exterior fire escape balcony which leads to an interior fire tower.

vertical fire escape

Fire escape balconies requiring inspection by a professional structural engineer.