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Rain Garden Wins Award for Environmental Excellence
Publication Date
April 7th 2014

A rain garden that Urban designed in support of Environment Erie has won the PA Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.


According to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection, the project won because it was a successful partnership that helps reduce stormwater runoff and serves as a learning tool for students.


Environment Erie worked with 69 students to build the rain garden in Millcreek Township, PA, between the St. George Catholic Church and St. George School. Urban designed the rain garden as a cost-effective way to reduce pollution by preventing stormwater from roofs and paved surfaces into nearby water sources like Walnut Creek and Lake Erie. Plants in the garden are all native to the area and include switch grass, serviceberry, and black-eyed Susan.


Environment Erie received a $5,000 grant for the project from the Water Resources Education Network. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania Sea Grant also supported the rain garden’s development.