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PRPA Selects Urban for Design of Pier 122 South
Publication Date
October 22nd 2012

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) selected Urban for the design of the rehabilitation of Pier 122 South in Philadelphia, PA. The pier is located on the western bank of the Delaware River, directly south of the Walt Whitman Bridge and the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.


The pier, which was built during the 1950s, is supported with over 1,000 concrete piles. Growmark, Inc., a supplier of agricultural equipment and supplies, intends to implement new equipment on the pier to continue their operations at the site. However, the piles have been showing signs of deterioration and some have been damaged by vessel impacts.


Urban is tasked with inspecting the piles to determine which piles need rehabilitation and to design an option for the replacement of the damaged piles. The preventative maintenance program will also be supplied to PRPA to slow the deterioration of the piles and extend the useful life of the pier. Additionally, Urban will design the stabilization of the land side approach banks as they have been eroding away due to tidal action and the flow of the river. PRPA has asked Urban for a quick turnaround of the contract documents so that Growmark can begin using the pier as soon as possible.