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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Chooses Urban
Publication Date
January 8th 2011

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission selected Urban for a multi-year, open-end design contract in Montgomery County. The project includes the full-depth reconstruction and widening of the Turnpike from four lanes to six lanes from Milepost A31.0± to Milepost A37.5±.


The contract will include:

  • Two years of preliminary design;
  • Two-to-three years of final design due to multiple packages;
  • One-to-two years for the initial early action bridge construction; and
  • Two-to-three years of construction for the mainline.


Design work necessary to accomplish this will be preformed through a series of work orders issued by the Commission.  Work Order No. 1 includes preliminary engineering and environmental studies for the reconstruction and widening.


Additional work orders for final design and post-design services for the early action bridge packages and mainline widening will be issued by the Commission subsequent to the completion and approval of the preliminary engineering and environmental studies.