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Boyd’s Intersection Reveals Century of Evolution
Publication Date
November 12th 2011


Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) recently announced that archeological artifacts excavated as part of the Boyd’s Intersection Roadway Improvements would remain on exhibit for one full year at Appoquinimink Community Library in Delaware. Urban Engineers, Inc.(Urban), in addition to providing design services for the project, coordinated with DelDOT and Hunter regarding the archaeological work.


The Boyd’s Corner Intersection has been, in various forms, an intersection for centuries. In 1812, John Boyd purchased the parcel of property, which remained a general store operated by Boyd and his successors until 1932.


Prior to DelDOT’s planned improvements at the intersection of Route 13, the Du Pont Highway, and Route 896 (Boyd’s Corner Road) in Odessa, inspection indicated that the remains of Boyd’s Store and House survived underground. The purpose of the excavation was to investigate these remains and learn more about commerce and rural life in 19th-century Delaware.


Items on display at Appoquinimink Community Library include, tableware, silverware, cooking utensils, building materials, tools and toys, which reveal much about daily life during the 19th-century at a commercial crossroad in central Delaware, and how the quality of life has changed over a century of evolution.

Urban’s Project Engineer Gregory T. Sharp, PE, stated, “With any roadway project, one has to expect the unexpected. Urban has been thrilled to play a role in the excavation of items at Boyd’s Corner Intersection. The items will provide a snapshot of 19th-century life in Delaware for many years to come.”