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Atlantic County Calls On Urban
Publication Date
June 16th 2011

Urban Engineers was recently selected by Atlantic County in New Jersey to expedite design, permitting, and bridge construction for the replacement of a historic bridge.


The Catawba Bridge (EH-17) is located on Mays Landing-Somers Point Road and carries two lanes of traffic over Miry Run in Egg Harbor and Hamilton Townships, NJ. This structure consists of a single-span, concrete-encased steel I-beam superstructure that is founded on timber pile supported stone masonry abutments.


Originally constructed in 1915, this bridge has been identified as structurally deficient and functionally obsolete due to the physical condition of the existing substructure. As a result, Atlantic County has determined that the structure has outlived its service life and needs to be replaced. A new structure with improved hydraulics, roadway geometry, and safety features with increased load carry capacity is required.


Urban will provide engineering expertise to expedite design, permitting, and bridge construction.