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Phil Glatz
Construction Management Inspection
AAS, Construction Technology, State University of New York at Alfred

Phil Glatz is proud of the body of work he has accomplished with Urban during the past 33 years, but he would rather talk about the next project. Phil's hunger and ambitious approach have made him one of Urban’s great assets to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), which continues to advance its state and local highway system that encompasses more than 110,000 miles of roadway and 17,000 bridges.


Phil worked under a term agreement for NYSDOT, providing support on the New York Route 5 / Lake Erie Outer Harbor Project. The area is transitioning from heavy industrial usage to waterfront recreation and leisure activities. With the addition of several multi-use paths, interpretative signage that highlights the area's history, and parking areas with picturesque vistas, this project has already helped drive more people to the scenic location. "I have enjoyed seeing the Outer Harbor develop," Phil said. "More than just improving the usage of the roadway, the project has positively affected an entire region." As this project was winding down, Phil was gearing up for the next one. "As more people discover the area, more development should follow. I can't wait for the next challenge."